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WHYNOT - Top Electronics Showroom Andhra Pradesh

WHYNOT is the first one-of-its kind Electronics and Home Appliances retail chain catering to the needs of entire Godavari and some parts of Visakhapatnam Districts. Since its inception, WHYNOT has almost become phenomenal place for all electronics needs, with its tech- knowledge expert staff, product range and connect with customers. WHYNOT has been creating sensation in the market with their sales, service and year-on-year growth right from the beginning. Set up in 1994 as LML Showroom, WHYNOT has expanded their wings over 23 locations with 25 branches and continues to grow. We deal with all the major brands in the Consumer Electronics Market. WHYNOT has always been a Passion Oriented Business rather than Profit Oriented Business. This is makes us unique and stand out in the market. Our relationship with customers helps us understand their needs better, making us deliver the right product tailored to their exclusive needs.

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I've been a customer of Whynot Electronics for 5 years. Their pricing and convenience work for me is just one of the reasons I use them.


Whynot is the best place for Electronics and Home Appliances in both godavari districts.


It is a store with everything I need

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